Child Support Modification In Florida

Child Support

If you have a child support order in Florida and you need modification, our experienced divorce and child support attorney can help. Likewise, if you receive a child support payment and changed circumstances have created an increase in the financial needs of your children, it is important to consult with an experienced Florida child support and family law attorney.

Our family law attorney can take a look at your circumstances and advise you as to whether you may be eligible for any child support modification. Not every request to modify a child support order is granted, but there are several factors the court considers when determining whether a modification is appropriate.

Factors in Determining Child Support Modification in Florida

The court understands both that circumstances may change and the support-paying parent may no longer be able to financially afford the same level of payment, and that increased support may actually be necessary if a child’s needs have changed. Some of the factors the court will consider in Florida include but are not limited to:

  • A change in employment, whether job loss, long-term unemployment, a decrease in salary or hours, a large bonus, or a job change to a higher-paying position;
  • An increase in income, such as a promotion at work, change in compensation through employment, substantial inheritance, or large gift or award;
  • A change in the length of time a child requires support, such as extending support when a child remains in high school for an additional year, or stopping support because the child wishes to become emancipated or get married;
  • The paying parent is unable to maintain gainful employment due to disability or medical condition;
  • The child’s medical needs have increased, or the child has received a new medical diagnosis, and a child-support increase may be necessary to pay for additional medical needs and devices, including in-home nursing care, rehabilitation services, mental health treatment, expensive medication and therapies, etc.
  • The parties involved have another child together;
  • The parent receiving support is no longer living with the child – for instance, a custodial parent has left the child with grandparents.

Consult an Experienced Child Support Modification Attorney in Florida

Even if you are not certain whether you qualify for a child support modification due to changed circumstances, your family law attorney may still recommend that you seek review of your child support order if you believe the amount paid is unfair or inappropriate, the order has not been reviewed or modified in the past three years, and the child support order is not expected to expire within the next six months.

The child-support modification also sometimes accompanies a modification of timesharing/child custody terms. If you are seeking additional parenting time or increased legal responsibilities for your children, your child custody attorney can also pursue child support modification as a part of the change to the legal and physical child custody arrangement.

Whatever your circumstances, our experienced family law attorney at the Law Offices of David L. Hirschberg, P.A. can help guide you through the process of making a child-support modification request that respects the rights of both parent and child. Contact our Florida office today.

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