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Four Common Issues In A High-Profile Boca Raton Divorce

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Dealing with the breakup of a marriage and going through the process of getting a divorce in Boca Raton is never easy. It often involves revealing sensitive details about your life, your finances, and your relationships. This can be particularly problematic in cases involving high-profile individuals. Our Boca Raton divorce attorneys highlight four common… Read More »


Benefits Of Establishing Paternity In Boca Raton

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Having a child with someone you are not married to can create certain dilemmas. Disputes often arise concerning rights regarding child support and child time-sharing arrangements. Rather than attempt to negotiate these matters on your own, the best way to protect yourself and your child’s best interests is to take your case to court…. Read More »


Back To School: Tips To Make Child Time Sharing Easier

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

The end of summer means children are going back to school. Adjusting to a new school year schedule is challenging for any family, but particularly so for those going through a divorce and making child time-sharing arrangements. Our Boca Raton parenting plan and time-sharing attorneys offer some tips that can make the process easier… Read More »


Protecting Your Marital Standard Of Living When Getting A Divorce In Boca Raton

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

For many families, it is difficult to make ends meet on just one income today. Maintaining your financial security in the aftermath of a divorce often proves challenging, particularly if you relied heavily on your spouse’s support. You do not have to sacrifice your lifestyle just because you are ending your marriage. Find out… Read More »


Five Tips For Successful Divorce Mediation In Boca Raton

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Divorce proceedings in Boca Raton can end up dragging on for long months, playing out in public court hearings, and costing you both time and money. Mediation offers a way to resolve important matters away from the public eye and in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Our Boca Raton divorce attorney explains… Read More »


Are You Entitled To Alimony Payments In Boca Raton?

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Getting a divorce is difficult emotionally. It can also wreak havoc with your personal finances and may dramatically impact your overall quality of life. Alimony payments, otherwise referred to as spousal support in Boca Raton, can help you make the adjustment to living on your own. Our Boca Raton divorce attorney explains more about… Read More »


When Does Child Support End In Florida?

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

The purpose of child support in a divorce or paternity case is to ensure that a child’s needs are met, and their standard of living maintained with both parents. Each parent has a responsibility to financially care for their child, but there comes a point where the obligation to pay child support ends. At… Read More »


What To Expect After Establishing Paternity

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Establishing paternity is one of the best things that you can do as a parent for yourself and your child. Prior to legally establishing paternity, a child’s father has no rights, and there are many benefits for you and the child once paternity is determined by the court. There are many ways to establish… Read More »


Establishing Parentage For Same-Sex Couples

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Gay marriage has been recognized since 2015, yet there are still many laws on the books in Florida that are clearly geared towards heterosexual couples. This can make issues like parentage murky for same-sex couples, especially if that couple splits after having children, and the experienced Boca Raton family attorneys at the Law Offices… Read More »


Considerations When Making A Parenting Schedule

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

When parents divorce, one of the most important aspects of your divorce will be creating a parenting schedule. This schedule dictates when each parent spends time with their child, but it also covers every other detail about custody and visitation. As such, there are certain considerations that a parent must incorporate into their planning… Read More »

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