Four Common Issues In A High-Profile Boca Raton Divorce

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Dealing with the breakup of a marriage and going through the process of getting a divorce in Boca Raton is never easy. It often involves revealing sensitive details about your life, your finances, and your relationships. This can be particularly problematic in cases involving high-profile individuals. Our Boca Raton divorce attorneys highlight four common issues and how to protect your privacy in these types of cases.

Protecting Your Privacy in A High Profile Divorce

A high-profile divorce in Boca Raton may involve business owners, people holding government positions, wealthy families, or social media influencers and celebrities. In this type of situation, the fact that you are getting a divorce and the details surrounding your case could attract unwanted attention. Protecting your privacy is a primary concern. The following are four important areas to address:

  1. Protecting Your Reputation

In some cases, a divorce can damage your professional career or personal reputation. This is particularly true if your spouse is making unsavory accusations, such as affairs or domestic abuse.

Unfortunately, divorce proceedings are not private and records containing personal information can easily be obtained by the general public. However, depending on the circumstances involved, whether allegations are true, and the degree of harm they could cause, you may be able to get your divorce records sealed through the Palm Beach County Court.

  1. Preventing Gossip 

Even among people who are not well-known, a divorce often provides fodder for gossip among friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. In high-profile cases, this can be an especially troubling problem. In general, you will likely not be able to keep the fact that your marriage is ending private, but you can guide the narrative. Generally, it is in your best interests to issue a brief statement acknowledging your divorce, the complex emotions involved, and requesting privacy for you and your family during this difficult time.

  1. 3. Protecting Your Children 

A top priority for parents getting a divorce is ensuring children are protected. To protect them from harmful gossip, you may want to avoid making public accusations about your spouse or having drawn out disputes over child custody. Reaching mutual agreements in these matters is generally in everyone’s best interests. In many cases, this can be best accomplished through a marital settlement agreement (MSA). This can be negotiated in your attorney’s office, avoiding public court hearings. 

  1. Keeping the Terms of A Divorce Settlement Private

Under the Florida Statutes, you must resolve important issues pertaining to money, property, and children before a final divorce order is issued. Negotiating an MSA avoids having sensitive details included in public records. For additional protection, you can also add a non-disclosure clause to any settlements.  Finally, one way to potentially keep a divorce private is to engage in pre-suit settlement negotiations.

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