Back To School: Tips To Make Child Time Sharing Easier

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The end of summer means children are going back to school. Adjusting to a new school year schedule is challenging for any family, but particularly so for those going through a divorce and making child time-sharing arrangements. Our Boca Raton parenting plan and time-sharing attorneys offer some tips that can make the process easier for everyone involved.

Incorporating School Schedules into Your Parenting Plan

For parents going through a divorce, child custody is automatically dealt with as part of your legal proceedings. Under the Florida Statutes, courts generally encourage child time-sharing arrangements that allow both parties to continue to play an active and engaged role in the child’s life. Parenting plans are typically used in making these arrangements.

A parenting plan dictates the amount of time a child will spend in each parent’s home, as well as each party’s rights and responsibilities in implementing the plan. Matters that will be addressed include:

  • Overnight visitation;
  • Extended stays on weekends, holidays, and other special occasions;
  • Pick-up and drop-off arrangements;
  • Parental responsibility, which is the right to make important decisions on your child’s behalf.

It is important to incorporate school schedules into your parenting plan and address any potential issues that may arise. This includes each parent’s rights in regards to signing permission slips and appearing at school-related events, as well as plans for school breaks, absences, illness, and emergency contact information.

Back To School Tips When You Have A Parenting Plan In Place

For children in Palm Beach County Schools, classes started on August 10, 2022. Many were already engaged in school sports or other academic activities prior to this date. If you are in the process of creating a parenting plan, be specific in terms of expectations for the school year. If you already have child time-sharing arrangements in place, you may need to discuss scheduling issues with the other parent. Back-to-school tips that can make the situation less stressful:

  • Discuss everyone’s goals for the school year, including academics and extracurricular activities;
  • Make sure both parents have copies of the school calendar;
  • Add to your personal calendar your child’s individual schedule in regards to school or recreational activities;
  • Create a backup plan for any unexpected issues that arise;
  • Discuss important details, such as plans for school lunches, afterschool snacks, homework, dinner, socializing with friends, and expected bedtimes;
  • Develop a system for communications between all parties, such as shared calendars, group messages, parenting plan apps, or other organizational tools.

Get The Trusted Legal Guidance You Need From Our Boca Raton Parenting Plan and Time-Sharing Attorneys

Creating and implementing child time-sharing arrangements can be challenging, particularly during the school year. At The Law Offices of David L. Hirschberg, P.A., we provide the caring support and trusted legal guidance you need in creating these plans. If you are going through a divorce or have problems with an existing parenting plan that is in place, reach out to our Boca Raton family law attorneys. Call or contact us online today to request a consultation.


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