When To Consider A Postnuptial Agreement

prenup agreement

Many people know about prenuptial, or premarital agreements that are signed by a couple before a wedding, but postnuptial agreements also exist that allow a couple to designate property interests and other important aspects of a marriage after the wedding. There are certain situations when it may be in a couple’s best interests to consider utilizing a postnuptial agreement to solidify their marriage, and the knowledgeable Boca Raton family law attorneys at the Law Offices of David L. Hirschberg are here to help. To learn more about the benefits of postnuptial agreements, call or contact our office to schedule a consultation today.

Entering a Marriage with Wealth

One circumstance where a postnuptial agreement may be helpful is when one or both spouses enter into the marriage with wealth. A postnuptial agreement can identify property interests for each spouse that they will retain in the event of divorce or death. This way, each spouse can protect their wealth or know that their financial situation is secure if an unfortunate event occurs.

Blending Families

Another situation where a postnuptial agreement is beneficial is when spouses are blending families with a child or children from prior relationships. In addition to identifying property interests in a divorce, this type of agreement can also identify property interests for estate planning purposes. This includes identifying property interests for children for inheritance purposes or establishing a trust to protect their property interests. By doing this in a postnuptial agreement, a family can diffuse estate disputes long before they would ever arise.

Protecting Business Interests

If one or both spouses have business interests, a postnuptial agreement can also be a helpful tool. This is particularly true when one spouse starts their own small business or holds considerable interest in other companies. A postnuptial agreement can clearly identify those interests as belonging to one spouse, which can avoid business problems if there is a divorce. Some business agreements even stipulate the prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are required in order to avoid this very issue.

Unexpected Windfalls

When one spouse receives an unexpected windfall during the marriage, a postnuptial agreement can be helpful. This may take the form of an unexpected inheritance or a gift from a family member, and a postnuptial agreement can set aside that windfall for the spouse who received it or divvy it according to the couple’s wishes.

Opinions Change

Finally, a postnuptial agreement may be beneficial if a couple’s opinions change on the issue after the marriage. Some spouses do not want to have an awkward conversation about a prenuptial agreement prior to the wedding, or they may reevaluate their situation once the wedding is over. Whatever the reason, a postnuptial agreement can cover the exact same things that a prenuptial agreement would prior to the marriage.

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