Considerations When Making A Parenting Schedule

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When parents divorce, one of the most important aspects of your divorce will be creating a parenting schedule. This schedule dictates when each parent spends time with their child, but it also covers every other detail about custody and visitation. As such, there are certain considerations that a parent must incorporate into their planning of a parenting schedule, and the experienced divorce attorneys in Boca Raton at the Law Offices of David L. Hirschberg are here to help. Call the office or contact us today to schedule a consultation of your case.

Look at the Schedule Through Your Child’s Eyes

Traveling between parents is not easy, and that adjustment can take time for a child when parents decide to divorce. Before crafting a parenting schedule, a parent should consider what the schedule looks like through the eyes of their child. What will their day-to-day life look like? What will they gain and what will they miss out on by adhering to the schedule that you have created? If possible, try to minimize as many disruptions to their life as possible.

Logistics are Important

Another significant consideration is the logistics of a parenting schedule. If the parents live some distance away, each parent will need to make sure that they incorporate time into their own schedules to transport the child to and from the other parent’s home. If the parents live close, are other transportation methods possible? Can the child take public transportation, or can they take the school bus to each parent’s home? If the children have a nanny or au pair, can they continue working while being with the child at both parents’ homes? A regular caretaker may also be able to transport a child between parents and could also be incorporated into the parenting schedule.

Should You Involve the Child?

One last consideration when creating a parenting schedule is whether to involve the child in the planning process, and this decision is unique to each family. If the parents believe that the child is old enough and mature enough to participate in the conversation, it can be incredibly beneficial to have them be a part of the planning process. It can alleviate concerns, help the child feel like they contributed to the process, and they may be able to identify issues that the parents did not consider. However, if a child is too young, immature, or clearly biased towards one parent it may not make sense for them to participate in this process. To learn more about what to consider when creating a parenting schedule, talk to our office today.

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