Five Tips For Successful Divorce Mediation In Boca Raton

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Divorce proceedings in Boca Raton can end up dragging on for long months, playing out in public court hearings, and costing you both time and money. Mediation offers a way to resolve important matters away from the public eye and in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Our Boca Raton divorce attorney explains more about the process and offers tips to help ensure your success.

Divorce Mediation In Boca Raton

Divorce proceedings in Boca Raton are held through the Palm Beach Family Court. During scheduled court hearings, you will need to resolve important divorce-related matters pertaining to money, property, and the care of children.

Unfortunately, these hearings are part of the public record in Florida. This means that anyone can access sensitive information shared in court, such as concerning the reasons for your divorce, your financial status, and the names or ages of your children. To avoid this, divorce mediation may be a better option.

In addition to protecting your privacy, divorce mediation in Boca Raton allows you to negotiate more personalized arrangements, rather than having a judge decide. This can benefit you in terms of a settlement while also saving money in court costs and legal fees.

Divorce Mediation Tips

Under the Florida Statutes, there are certain issues that must be resolved before a final divorce order can be issued in your case. Rather than arguing over these matters in court, property division, spousal support payments, and child time sharing and support can all be negotiated during divorce mediation. To get the most out of this process, follow these tips:

  1. Be aware of your rights.

Thoroughly discuss all the circumstances surrounding your case with our Boca Raton divorce attorney prior to mediation. This can help to ensure your legal rights are protected in regards to any settlements.

  1. Know what is at stake.

Make a complete inventory of all marital assets you and your spouse possess. Include homes, cars, furnishings, collectibles, shares in businesses, and money in bank accounts. Make an inventory of all marital debts as well.

  1. Determine your top priorities.

Marital property is divided equitably in a divorce. This means the arrangement must be fair to both parties. Consider what your top priorities are, such as perhaps gaining control of the family home or receiving a sizable portion of money or retirement benefits.

  1. Realize you will need to negotiate.

Keep an open mind in mediation sessions and realize you will need to negotiate. However, do not agree to any settlements without your attorney present.

  1. Separate personal feelings.

You may have strong feelings of animosity towards your former spouse. Be willing to set these aside temporarily and avoid being belligerent, openly hostile, or trying to get revenge.

Request A Consultation With Our Boca Raton Divorce Attorney

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