Are You Entitled To Alimony Payments In Boca Raton?


Getting a divorce is difficult emotionally. It can also wreak havoc with your personal finances and may dramatically impact your overall quality of life. Alimony payments, otherwise referred to as spousal support in Boca Raton, can help you make the adjustment to living on your own. Our Boca Raton divorce attorney explains more about the different types of alimony in Florida and when you may be entitled to these payments.

Types of Alimony In Florida

When filing for a divorce through the Palm Beach County Court, there are important issues pertaining to money and property that will need to be addressed. Your rights regarding alimony are among these issues and something you need to discuss thoroughly with our experienced Boca Raton divorce attorney.

Alimony payments can help you make the adjustment to being divorced, ensuring you have the resources to provide for yourself financially. There are generally four types of alimony or spousal support payments that you may be entitled to when filing for a divorce in Boca Raton:

  • Bridge the gap alimony: As the name implies, this type of alimony is awarded on a temporary basis and helps you get back on your feet financially in the aftermath of a divorce.
  • Rehabilitative alimony: This type of spousal support helps you obtain the education, skills, or experience needed to reenter the workforce.
  • Durational alimony: This provides alimony for a specific time period, such as while raising children.
  • Permanent alimony: This type of spousal support may be awarded in cases of divorce after a long-term marriage.

Permanent alimony is currently the subject of fierce debate in Florida. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently vetoed Senate Bill 1796, which would severely limit situations in which permanent alimony in Florida is awarded.

Your Rights to Spousal Support in Boca Raton Divorce

The Florida Statutes dictate when spousal support or alimony payments may be awarded in cases of divorce. Factors a judge will consider both in determining whether to award alimony payments and in deciding on the amount and duration include:

  • The length of the marriage;
  • The overall lifestyle and standard of living the couple enjoyed during their years together;
  • The individual income and earnings of each party;
  • Their individually owned property and assets;
  • Whether one spouse sacrificed their own career or education in support of the other or to care for children from the marriage;
  • The amount of marital property and assets awarded to each party in any proposed settlements or final divorce orders.

Discuss Your Options With Our Boca Raton Divorce Attorney

At The Law Offices of David L. Hirschberg, P.A., we provide the trusted legal guidance you need when getting a divorce in Boca Raton. You can count on us to protect your rights in regard to resolving important divorce-related matters, such as alimony payments.

To discuss your options in seeking spousal support and the total amount you may be entitled to, give us a call or contact our Boca Raton divorce attorney online and request a consultation today.


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