Collaborative Paternity

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Establishing the paternity of a child is one of the best things that you can do for your child, yourself, and the other parent. Along with the establishment of a child’s biological father comes a number of legal issues, including custody, visitation, and support. One method of negotiating the issues outside of the courtroom is through collaborative paternity, which is an alternative dispute resolution technique for parents. At the Law Offices of David L. Hirschberg, our team of dedicated legal professionals is here to advocate for your interests in a paternity action. To learn more, call or contact our office in Boca Raton today.

Common Issues in Paternity Cases

After the biological father has been identified for a child, there are a number of rights and benefits that must be negotiated between the parents for the best interests of the child. One common issue is custody and visitation. The legal father may wish to have sole or joint custody of the child and have a say in the legal and physical custody of the child. This means allocating decision making authority to the father over the child’s daily life and allowing the child to spend some portion of their time living at their father’s house. Another option is visitation rights, where the parents establish certain times when the father and child can spend time together, either supervised or unsupervised by a third party.

Another common issue to determine is child support. Typically, the noncustodial parent pays the custodial parent support for the child’s needs. Florida law has guidelines in their state statutes to help determine what amount of support is correct, but many other factors may influence the ultimate amount. Related to the issue of support are matters of health insurance, life insurance, and other benefits for the child.

What is Collaborative Paternity?

Collaborative paternity takes these issues out of the courtroom and into a collaborative setting where the parents of a child can discuss and agree on the terms of paternity. This method is done with the parents, their attorneys, and a team of specialists to help them analyze their unique family situation and come up with solutions that work for everyone. Common team members include financial advisors, child psychologists, and others. Rather than pitting the parents against one another in a courtroom, collaborative paternity encourages communication and compromise, which in turn establishes a solid foundation for future co-parenting. To learn more about collaborative paternity talk to our office today.

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There are countless benefits to establishing the paternity of a child, and collaborative paternity can help a family start off on the right foot. If you are interested in learning more about collaborative paternity or other alternative dispute resolution techniques for your family legal matter, the knowledgeable Boca Raton family attorneys at the Law Offices of David L. Hirschberg are here to help. Call the office or contact us today to schedule a consultation of your case now.

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