What Should Be Included In A Parenting Plan?

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In any divorce there are a number of issues that must be settled before the divorce can be finalized. For couples with minor children, one of these issues is the drafting of a parenting plan. In Florida, a parenting plan covers any and all childcare issues that improves communication between parents, resolves potential future conflicts, and gives your children stability in their lives moving forward. At the Law Offices of David L. Hirschberg, our team of family law professionals is here to help you craft a parenting plan that meets your family’s specific and unique needs. Call the office or contact us today to learn more about how our law practice can help.

Topics to Include in a Parenting Plan

A well written parenting plan can make all the difference for you, your former spouse, and your children. In addition to covering the following topics, the plan should also specifically mention how you and your former spouse will communicate about certain childcare issues as well as conflict resolution methods if a problem arises.

The largest part of any parenting plan is the creation of the parenting schedule. This dictates how the child will split time between the parents’ respective homes. The parenting schedule also should include how transportation between homes will be handled as well as specify how time will be split for holidays and special dates. The parenting schedule should also dictate how vacations and travel should be planned as well as how to handle scheduling changes.

The parenting plan should also include language about how important lifestyle and wellbeing decisions are made for the children. Details about healthcare decisions, schooling, discipline, and any other important issue should be laid out in the plan and instructions on how to handle future decisions should be dictated.

Expenses for the child should also be discussed in a parenting plan.  A base child support obligation from one party to the other does not cover or address such additional expenses as uncovered medical expenses, extra-curricular activities of the child(ren), tutoring costs, schooling costs, summer camp, etc. Will the parents split every cost evenly or is each parent responsible for the entirety of certain expenses? While some of these decisions may be determined by other rulings in the divorce, it should all be laid out in the parenting plan.

Finally, anything specific to your family that either you or your former spouse is particularly passionate about should be included in the parenting plan. Examples include language expressly forbidding one parent to substantially alter the child’s appearance without consent, limits on screen time for children, no badmouthing the other parent in front of the children, religious upbringing, and more. Talk to an experienced Florida family law attorney today to learn more about what you can include in a parenting plan.

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