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When Can Child Support Be Modified in Florida?

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

If you and your ex-spouse or ex-partner have a child in common, then you already know that courts are compelled to establish the child support obligations of each parent. Child support obligations are ordered not as a punishment against one parent but in order to provide the child (as much as possible) with financial… Read More »


Your Ex-Spouse “Kidnaps” Your Child – Now What?

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Custody disputes are some of the most emotionally-charged and mentally- and physically-draining contests that can erupt in any Florida family law case. When a child’s parents compete for as much time as possible with the child, the parents can engage in behaviors that are harmful to the child – and potentially illegal. What is… Read More »


Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in Florida?

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

You may be surprised to hear that, under certain very limited circumstances, grandparents do have visitation rights in Florida.  However, it is important to note that visitation rights are only granted to grandparents in Florida under a very narrow set of circumstances. This article provides a brief overview of how grandparent visitation rights are… Read More »


How to Fight a Prenup in Florida

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Under Florida law, prenuptial agreements (commonly referred to simply as “prenups”) function as a legal tool that can help engaged couples protect their financial futures by securing their assets in the event of a divorce. However, only valid prenups are enforceable. Therefore, in order to successfully fight a prenup in Florida you must be… Read More »


In Florida, is a Child Born to a Married Woman Presumed to be Her Husband’s?

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Suppose that a married woman in Florida falls in love with someone else and decides to leave her husband for her new lover. The woman moves out of her marital home and moves in with her new boyfriend. While living together the woman and her boyfriend decide to have a child together and welcome… Read More »


Will a Florida Divorce Court Let Me Keep the Gifts My Husband Gave Me During Our Marriage?

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

When a couple gets divorced in Florida, state law requires that their property be distributed equitably. In other words, their property must be fairly (but not necessarily evenly) divided between the spouses. Some couples are able to divide their property on their own, or with the help of a mediator, while others ask the… Read More »


What to Expect During a Divorce Mediation

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Divorce mediations are getting more and more popular in Florida, likely due to the fact that mediation offers separating couples several key advantages that they would not be afforded were they to resolve their issues in court.  Moreover, the majority of courts in Florida now require parties to attend at least one mediation prior… Read More »


When Does Spousal Support End in Florida?

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

When a couple gets divorced in Florida, it is not uncommon for the court to order one spouse to pay spousal support (also known as alimony) to the other.  In determining whether to award alimony, the court must first make a specific factual determination as to whether either party has an actual need for… Read More »


Spousal Support in Florida FAQs

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Spousal support (also sometimes referred to as “alimony” or “spousal maintenance”) involves payments made by one spouse to another after a divorce. These payments are made by the ex-spouse who is deemed to be financially stronger, whether that be the ex-wife or the ex-husband, so long as that spouse has the ability to pay… Read More »


Tips on How to Prepare for Your Divorce Mediation

By David L. Hirschberg, P.A. |

Couples who decide to participate in divorce mediation are often able to save considerable time and money during their split, especially those who show up to their mediations well prepared. Whether or not you’re decided to have a divorce attorney represent you during your mediation, it is a good idea to start to preparing… Read More »

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